Las Vegas has always been a favorite among gambling enthusiasts. Over the years, many of them have enjoyed their time in the ‘Sin City’, playing some fantastic casino games. However, it is not just the slot machines and table games that these casinos offer. 

There are many different forms of entertainment available for those who visit the city’s casinos. Of course, gambling is what placed Las Vegas on the world map, but this has changed in recent times. Now the casino hotels are also home to the finest clubs, restaurants, and shopping centers in the world. Online gambling is a huge industry now too. The idea is to bring the Las Vegas experience into your home! Of course you won’t get to enjoy any live shows, but there’s always streamable entertainment. For more info on reputable online gaming CasinosJungle has some helpful information.

It seems that all the big casinos have been planning a diversification of their revenue streams. One of them is music concerts, which feature the performances of top artists from the music industry. Now, let’s have a look at the three famous musicians who’ve performed at the casino venues in Las Vegas.

1. Liberace

He was a famous pianist who performed frequently in several venues of Las Vegas. He had to play at night clubs and movie theaters to earn a living in the early days of his career. A major breakthrough in his career came when ‘The Liberace Show’ was premiered in 1951. 

Lierances exceptional piano skills and his charms won many hearts. His devotion towards his mother was greatly appreciated by female audiences. His weekly earnings at the Riviera amounted to $50,000. It is, by today’s standards, quite a huge amount. 

2. Elvis Presley

It was after his performance at the International Hotel that Elvis garnered a lot of fans. More than 800 performances were given by Elvis in his early days at this hotel in Las Vegas. Even the biggest stars of rock n’ roll were impressed by his performances. 

The popular singer had some of his greatest moments in the Sin City. Thousands of fans who came for his concerts didn’t want his performances to end. Besides singing, he also used to entertain his fans with some humor and acrobatics.

3. Celine Dion

In order to make way for Colosseum, the Strip showrooms at Caesars Palace had to be rebuilt. When this was done, it was none other than Celine Dion who filled the space. She has made her presence felt on the Strip since 2003. Incorporating dancing and acrobatics on the stage, she enchanted audiences with her magical voice. She could also cheer the crowds with her charms, purity, and a great sense of humor.

If the gamblers are lucky, they can witness one of the mesmerizing performances of their favorite artists. Some of these celebrities also make a trip to the casinos to try their skills at the tables. One can only imagine the feeling of being able to get some excellent snaps clicked with them.

It won’t be appropriate for gambling enthusiasts who have kids to visit such adult entertainment venues. They can sign up on any of the popular online casinos and play some exciting slots or table games. Those who are new to online casinos can visit the casino review sites to get all the necessary information. 

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