There are some truly simple ways to increase your child’s learning power. One of them is involving them in activities using music. The benefits of getting your child involved in such activities bring some great benefits for them. Among these benefits are comprehension of mathematics and an increase in language skills. 

Recent studies conclude that a significant connection exists between music-related activities and a child’s preparedness for writing and reading. They also indicate that awareness of speech sounds can be increased through musical interactions. Children get to learn more about rhythm, which is useful for learning the mathematical patterns. 

Given below are some of the learning activities involving music that can benefit your child immensely:

1. Name the tune

Hum or tap out your kid’s nursery rhyme or song. Then make him or her figure out which song it is. After doing this activity for a while, he or she will surely master the game. You can then make it a bit more challenging. After humming or tapping out the song, make him or her figure it out within a couple of minutes.

2. Dance with me

Gather some bean bags, hula hoops, scarves, rubber balls, and other fun toys. Clear some space in the house and play some good music that your child would enjoy. Then start dancing and ask your kid to dance with you. It’ll be more fun if you have several options in music to choose from. 

Try a variety of songs to know the genre your child is interested in. He or she may like pop, folk, jazz, country, or classical music. You can add your favorite tunes to the list as well.

3. Strike up the band

You’ll need some music-making instruments for this activity. If you don’t have a piano or drum at home, go for some homemade stuff. Gather the pots, pans, or bowls for your child. Then give him or her a wooden or plastic spoon for some great musical session. You can use a closed container to fill in some buttons or beads and give it a shake. In this way, you and your kid can create a small orchestra together.

4. Freeze dance

Play some of your child’s favorite tunes and both of you can then dance to your heart’s content. Then, when your kid is least expecting it, say ‘freeze’ and stop the music. You and your child can then see the funny position you are in at that point. Next, you can test how long both of you can hold the position. Later, you can also have a good laugh with your kid. It’s as simple as it sounds!

5. Draw what you hear

Keep the playlist consisting of different types of music ready. Then hand over some papers and several colored crayons to your child. Start playing the music and ask your kid to draw what he or she is hearing. If your child is having trouble in understanding the activity, demonstrate it to him or her. 

When slow music plays, long lines can be drawn in a dark colour. In the case of a faster tune, shorter and sharper angles using a brighter shade can be drawn. There are no rights or wrongs in this game. Your child must be allowed to create what he or she feels is good.

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