Today, it’s not quite uncommon to see young kids forming a band and coming up with some great music. With a search on the internet, you’ll come across many such stories from different corners of the globe. These young artists are not just following their dreams. In a way, they’re inspiring many other kids to use their unique gifts in the best possible way. 

Here we’ve listed some of the best albums that have come from the incredibly talented teenagers: 

1. Up Tight by Stevie Wonder (1966)

Although Stevie had already produced some albums before he turned 16, this album made him immensely popular. With Up Tight, he won the hearts of numerous music lovers. Some attribute the album’s massive popularity partly to an R&B cover of Blowin’ In The Wind by Bob Dylan. Nevertheless, the title track co-written by Wonder managed to climb the charts. 

He far exceeded the expectations that had largely come from him being projected as the next Ray Charles. The album also received great support from The Funk Brothers. Nothing Too Good For My Baby and With a Child’s Heart were two of the other fabulous tracks.

2. Jackson 5 by The Jackson 5 (1970)

Before Michael Jackson became a global phenomenon, he was a member of The Jackson 5. He was only 11 at the time. The five brothers from the Jackson family had formed this group in the 1960s. In 1969, their debut record became immensely successful with its single I Want You Back. The Love You Save and the title track knocked Let It Be from The Beatles off the charts. 

Soon, they swept the entire United States with massive successes of The Young Folks and Jacksonmania. Their merchandise also was in great demand following their enormous success. Everything from posters bearing the heart logo of J5 to coloring books were highly sought after.

3. Frogstomp by Silverchair (1995)

The average age of the members of the Australian band Silverchair was 15. In the video of Tomorrow from the album, one could find the influences of Kurt Cobain. Some thought it was inappropriate for a young band to steal Kurt Cobain’s image. 

A few others even accused the band of stealing from the famous Seattle Sound. Despite all the accusations, the band’s debut album Frogstomp made it to the US Billboard Top 10. Later, it went on to earn a double platinum. The success of this album reminds us of the quote ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’.

4. Earl by Earl Sweatshirt (2010)

Earl was 16 when his eponymous mixtape made its debut. It was released on the Odd Future website as a free digital download in 2010. The tape garnered rave reviews from the critics and generated much interest upon its release. It was notable for its violent lyrics, which detailed the fictional misadventures of Earl. They included kidnapping, rape, murder, and violence. 

References to drugs and sex were also made in the lyrics. On the sister site of Pitchfork Media called Altered Zones, Earl was listed as one of 2010’s top albums. The mixtape was praised for its ferocity and for making the most violent verses sound very eloquent.

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